1957 in Darmstadt geboren
1978/1979 Arbeitsaufenthalt in Nordafrika
1979-1984 Studium der visuellen Kommunikation mit Schwerpunkt Experimentelle Graphik, Hochschule der Künste, Berlin
1984 Diplom bei Prof. Helmut Lortz, Berlin
1984 Arbeitsaufenthalt in Lateinamerika
1984-1991 Mitarbeit in Werbeagenturen, freiberufliche Graphikerin, Berlin
2002-2004 Internationales Künstlerpleinair Mirabel, Frankreich
2002/2009 Arbeitsaufenthalt in New York/USA
2007 Darmstädter Kalenderblätter der Firma Merck, Darmstadt
2007 Arbeitsaufenthalt in Shanghai/China
2008 Internationales 111 Symposium Teneriffa/Spanien
2011/2012 Arbeitsaufenthalt in Istanbul/Türkei
2017 Arbeitsaufenthalt in San Francisco/USA
2018 Arbeitsaufenthalt in New York/USA

Essential aspects of my work are the urban and social structures, the density and complexity of a city, the process of constant change, and the resulting upheavals and wounds in a city. During my work stays, I develop thematic cycles based on these aspects, which correspond to the specifics of the respective urban structure. The way I work is a process of collecting, choosing, reacting and accentuating.

»It is not the place itself that arouses my interest, but the atmospheric peculiarity that I can feel in all its complexity.«

Verena Guther